Air Cushion Machine Pak-3000
Air Cushion Machine Pak-3000, Mini Air Cushion Packaging Bubble.....
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Air Cushion Machine Pak-3000
The FILLFLO Air Cushion Machine Pak-3000 machine is ideal for large scale warehouse...
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Air Cushion Machine Pak-1000
Air Cushion Machine Pak-1000 is a packaging machine for Making Air Pillows and Air Bubbles.
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Air Cushion Machine Pak-1000
Air Cushion Machine Pak-1000 is an air column bag packaging machine,it makes many
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About FillFlo

Machine development, Consumable manufacturing, Own brand and Global marketing

FillFlo was established in 2006, we are the professional and leader manufacturer in cushion packaging machinery and material, all products we sell are with our own patent and manufactured by our own, for a better quality control and provides the guarantee to every customer! The headquarter of FillFlo is locate in Delhi, it is also where the main manufacture facility located, it has many branches company in India and the distribution sales network all over the world.


Does all FIllFlO AIR film roll can fit one machine?

No, all machines can work both air pillow and air bubble types, but FillFlo AIR EASi 2 use a smaller film roll because it limited roll space.

What is the machine warranty ?

Machine has one year warranty.

Any differences for loading pressure if the thicknesses are different ?

Not much different. The most effective factor is not the thickness of the film, but the quality of the material itself: the ingredient of the material, the good sealing effect.
If use for carton inside void rill, you can choose FILLER all size, WRAPPER tube series.
If use for wrapping protect, you can choose WRAPPER quilt series,
You can also contact our sales for a better suggestion.

How can I choose the right air cushions ?

Filler in all sizes and Wrapper Tube series are for box insider void filling.
Bubbles and Wrapper Quilt series are for wrapping protection.
For better suggestions, please contact us.

Do you accept logo print on the film ?

Yes, FIllFlO AIR film is available for customer’s logo printed on the film, making your own logo on the air cushions.

FILLER 20x10cm, does it mean the size for uninflated ?

YES, FILLER 20X10cm means the size uninflated, the length and width will have 2~2.5cm shrinkage after inflated.

What is the packing air bags loading pressure ?

FILLER-load pressure every bag 50kgs≤n≤70kgs; WRAPPER-load pressure every piece 80kgs≤n≤110kgs

Is FIllFlO AIR machine heavy? Is it easy to delivery to anywhere ?

CLASi machine weights only 5kgs, EASi machine weights only 3kgs. Both are the lightest air cushion machine in the market.

Can all FIllFlO AIR film roll can fit one machine ?

All machines can work both air pillow and air bubble types now.

How many types of film roll available ?

Filler is air pillow type for void fill, roll width 20cm, size available: 20×10, 20×13, 20×15, 20×20, 20x25cm.
Wrapper is bubble and tube types, for bracing and wrapping protect, types available: bubbles, bubble wave, quilt large, quilt small, tube large, tube small, tube wave, tube multi.


Packing Wrapping

Packing Wrapping

Honeycomb – The Perfect

Alternative To Bubble Wrap

Application of Air Cushion

Application of Air Cushion

Solution in manufacturing





Air bubble wrapper

Air bubble wrapper



Mailer Film

FILLFLO Air Compostable Product

FILLFLO Air Compostable

Product Packaging

Air Column Roll packing

Air Column Roll packing

MagiWrap Suspension

MagiWrap Suspension

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